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The Kapena School of Music is excited and proud to bring you a spectacular performance featuring over 100 actively enrolled students. This year, we celebrate two years with these incredible student performers and are happy to finally announce our very first ticketed performance allowing us to showcase talent and musical excellence. E Kani Ka Pila Kakou! Join us on July 23, 2023 for a wonderful afternoon of music.


As we prep for summer ho'ike, we want to give all students the best opportunity to learn the finale number.


Please sign up for a rehearsal time!


The Kapena School of Music welcomes children from 5 and up. However, how do we foster this love in the home? And is there a way to encourage it at a younger age? The answer is YES! Join Kalena Parish for this one hour workshop going through her own tips and tricks and a brief Q+A to answer any questions you may have!

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