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What is the registration fee for and how much is it?

The registration fee, also known as a processing fee, is a small fee needed in order to register each student into our system and it is a one-time $25 fee. 

What comes with the registration?

A Kapena School of Music drawstring backpack, a branded name tag, a wall calendar with a list of school events, school closure dates, practice log incentives and information and a secured position in your class.


If I have multiple children, how many forms and fees must be paid?

One registration form and one $25 fee will be required per student. If you have multiple students registering, you will fill out one form per student and pay the registration for each student as well.


Can adults take classes?

Absolutely! We have an adult group ukulele class on Wednesday evenings and an adult (kupuna) ukulele class on Saturday mornings. Adults are also able to sign up for private lessons! Please contact our front desk for any questions. 


If I want to register the same student for multiple classes, how many forms do I fill out?

One form is needed per student and you can register for as many classes as you’d like with that one registration form;  you will only be charged one $25 registration fee at the time of enrollment regardless of the number of classes you are enrolled in. 

Why do I have to register in person if I already registered online?

You can choose to either register online or come into the school to register in person! We process registrants on a first come, first serve basis. 

If I used to be a student, but withdrew from classes and now want to start again, do I need to re-enroll?

Yes, you will be required to register again in the event that we no longer have your information on file and will also have to pay the $25 fee again. If you have informed us that you will be taking a short break, we will place your student as “inactive” in our database. You can continue when you're ready without needing to re-enroll or pay the registration fee. 

When is payment due?

Payment is due by the 26th of every month. We will allow a grace period until the 1st of the month afterwhich a late fee of $5 per day will be applied.

Can I sign up for auto-pay?

All students in 2023 will be required to sign up for auto-pay. 

What is included in my payment?

  • Each private class will include 4 30-minute sessions each month with an instructor 

  • Each group class will include 4 60-minute sessions each month with an instructor

What happens if we don’t pay the tuition on time?

A student who fails to pay the tuition on the posted due date may be denied access to the class. This will be counted as a missed lesson and is not applicable to the make-up policy. You will also be charged a $5 late fee per day after the grace period ends.

What is your make-up policy? 

We no longer allow a make-up lesson policy. Any missed classes by the student will be made up by the teacher via video lessons sent to the parent on file’s email. All group classes are available for students via Zoom if they cannot make it into class. We will also allow group students to sit it on another date for classes if they miss a class.

Can I pay per lesson? 

No, all students must register for classes on a month to month basis. 

What age can I begin my child in music classes? 

The minimum age requirement for individual and group classes is 7 years old. We hope to offer courses to all ages soon, however, your child will benefit most from the curriculum and classes set forth once they have reached at least the age of 7. The main criteria are that the child knows his/her alphabet and can sit still for 20 minutes. Please note, the minimum age requirement for private lessons is 10. 


Can I take my classes online?

Yes, we can provide private and group experiences online via Zoom.

Can I sit in on the lesson?

Dependent on who is teaching, you can be allowed to sit in on a lesson. Please know that sometimes a parent/guardian's presence can hinder the learning experience. It is recommended that you check in on your child throughout their lesson. For safety, the school has see-through doors where you can check in on your child. Sometimes, a parent's presence will be distracting. Most times, we encourage parents to just wait in the lobby area.

Do I need to bring my own instrument when I begin classes?

No. But, if you have an instrument of your own, you should bring your instrument to your lesson each week. Amps and headsets for specific classes are provided as well as pianos, guitars and ukuleles if needed.

Where are the lessons held?

The lessons are held in Kapena School of Music teaching studios located on the upper level on the Macy's Wing inside the Windward Mall (address: 46-056 Kamehameha Hwy Kaneohe HI 96744).


How long will I need to take lessons?

The period of time that a student is enrolled in the program varies. The more a person wishes to learn the longer they will take lessons. The basic fundamentals can take about three months to learn on average, however; music is a science that can be studied for a lifetime.

Will I need to purchase any additional materials?

Most teachers require a book for their students to use. In addition, there may be other accessories the student will want in order to progress within his/her studies. (Example: capo, tuner, strap, songbooks, videos) 

Do the teachers teach you to read music?

Depends on the teacher. You will learn to read music and some music theory in certain classes depending on the teacher. Remember music is a language, just like English, except the musical alphabet, goes only from A to G. However, we will offer workshops for reading music and music theory as well.


What if I'm going on vacation?

Please notify our front desk staff at the beginning of the month if you’ll be away on vacation. We will prepare a lesson for you while you’re away.

If my schedule changes, how difficult will it be to change my lesson time?

Students that are already in the program will have the first choice at new times as they become available. If your schedule changes, let your instructor know and they will give you top priority in moving your lesson time only if an alternative time is available.

Do you have any other activities for students, such as recitals?

Yes! We have one Ho’ike every year featuring the entire school as well as a Christmas performance in December featuring all group students. We have two recitals each year to showcase our private students as well as many other opportunities including jam sessions at the school, Kani Ka Pila beach days, workshops and more.

Will my student be forced to perform at recitals or for Ho'ike events?

Absolutely not. Students can choose to either participate or not in specific events. We do encourage all students to come support their peers at as many events as possible! But, you will not be forced to perform. 

I already know a little about my instrument, do I have to start at the beginning?

No. Every instructor evaluates each student to determine their level of understanding, and then tailors each student's plan of study. The most important part of taking lessons is learning to play. Our instructors want you to have a good foundation to build on; however, they do not want to waste your time or theirs. 

I’m not sure if the instrument I already own is good enough, how will I know?

We will be more than happy to inspect your instrument to see if it is suitable for instruction. For your convenience, please do this before your lessons are scheduled.

My child is homeschooled, do you offer morning times?

Yes. Lesson times are not regulated by store hours. Some instructors are available early mornings and some late at night. We will try to accommodate your schedule as much as possible. 


How will I know my child is progressing?

Our instructors are always willing to talk to parents about their children. Please feel free to ask your child’s instructor anything about their progress, and know that the instructor is willing to give you periodic updates. 

May I take more than 30 minutes per week?

Yes, you may take more than 30 minutes a week, but it does require scheduling more than one lesson.

  • Pricing for longer lesson times are as follows:

    • 45 minute: $270

    • 60 minute: $320

How do I get my login information for the student portal?

Your login/username will be the email you used to register. Our administration should email you a link to set up your password. If you didn't receive that link, please notify our front desk staff or email us at and we can send that information to you.

When should I inform you that I need to quit lessons?

Please withdraw by filling out a withdrawal form available for you conveniently at our front desk. We ask that you fill out this form 30 days prior to withdrawal. Withdrawing within the 30 day timeframe may result in full payment of the following month’s tuition.

Can we take breaks from lessons?

No, we do not allow breaks or time away unless for medical or family emergencies. If you choose to withdraw from a class, your spot will be filled by a student on our waitlist. To start lessons again, you will need to re-enroll. 



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