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Our Mission

 Inspiring the growth and the leadership of the youth in Hawai’i, and ensuring the well-being of our community through creative expression.

We are a 501(c)3 music school based in Kane'ohe, Hawaii. Our hope is that this music school inspires a passion and purpose that will help to bring mental and emotional wellness to our community. We believe that this wellness is the foundation that grows, inspires and keeps our community healthy. We hope to create a safe space that becomes your extended ‘ohana, a place where our students belong, and with teachers who are always ready to welcome them in.

 Our Dream 


Our dream is to create a school with no limits, boundaries, or judgments. A place for the arts where people of all ages and backgrounds can freely create. Our school has a mission. We build confidence, and help to realize one's purpose. We constantly grow and learn as we teach, receiving as we give. We are kind. We arecompassionate, and above all, we are brave.

Our Logo 

The bold, straight corners of our font
shows strength, organization, and confidence. In the two “A” letters, you will see two lines that are not completely touching the edges. This represents that we are unfinished and incomplete. Paired with the boldness of the font type, our logo
shows confidence and growth.

Our Graphic


The meaning of our name shows a type
of leadership similar to a captain of a plane or boat. Those leaders and captains are trusted to steward their crews to their destinations safely. This graphic shows
the bow of a boat with it’s steering wheel at the very top supported by music symbols. The only question is: who’s driving?
The answer: everyone. 

Kalena Parish, the founder and executive director
Founder’s Notes 


Kapena in Hawaiian means “Captain”. The name shows leadership and strength. If you look closely though, woven in this name is legacy, tradition, history and years of creativity, art and music. The name “Kapena” was given to my dad by his father and I carry this name forward in hopes to continue a legacy, bring more tradition, create new history and inspire the next generation to learn so that one day, they can teach. 

Kalenaku DeLima

Contact Us



Windward Mall

46-056 Kamehameha Hwy #293, Kaneohe, HI 96744

Tel: (808) 221-8501

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