A 6-week music program | Classes twice a week for 6 weeks | 9am-12pm | Price: $289

Have you ever wanted to do a trial run of music classes for your keiki but didn’t know where to start, what would interest them or what would stick?? Sign up for our 6-week Trial Run, Summer Fun program and we can give your keiki a crash course of some of our most popular classes at the Kapena School of Music!

June 20-July 27
Mondays & Wednesdays Ages 7-12 | $289 | 9a-12p

June 21-July 28
Tuesdays & Thursdays Ages 10-14 | $289 | 9a-12p

Starting with identifying all the different keys on the piano and ending with basic music theory, learn to play this classic and versatile instrument.  We will teach you the C-scale, specific fingering, and how to utilize both your left and right hand.  



From tuning your ukulele to basic chord progressions, learn to jam on Hawai'i's beloved instrument.  We will also explain similarities between playing the ukulele, bass, and guitar, and get you excited to play and sing along to local favorites for your next family gathering.


Get your feet wet with hula fundamentals and delve into 'olelo Hawai'i.  We'll help you grow an appreciation for Hawai'i's art of storytelling and native tongue, and teach you the Kapena School of Music' Oli. 

Discover how to maximize the one instrument you always have with you-your voice!  We will show you proper warm up techniques and explain the essentials of breathing, control, pitch, and tone.  We will provide a safe and fun atmosphere for you to get comfortable playing and singing in a group setting.