Piano Keyboard

at the Kapena School of Music


The Kapena School of Music is hosting its very first week long Summer Camp for intermediate to advanced students who are dedicated to diving deep into songwriting, music development, brand development and more.

Open to High School students ages 14-18 | $349 per student | June 13-17, 2022

Monday thru Friday | 9am-2pm | Lunch will be provided daily


Day 1: Branding & Content Creation

Welcome to your music and creative expression journey!  On our first day, we will dive deep into understanding music, creative writing, and honing in on your brand as an artist and individual.  Learn about the importance of brand development and content creation from some of Hawai'i's most successful entrepreneurs.

Let the creative juices flow with our first day of creative writing. Ice-breakers, hands-on activities and exercises will help young minds formulate their own ideas, dreams, and thoughts and turn them into fully developed projects. 

DAY 2:
Creative Writing
& Songwriting

Day 3:

Ho'omakaukau? 'Ae! Our second day of songwriting will feature award-winning Haku Mele artists who will teach specifically about writing Hawaiian songs. They will enlighten us about the depth of writing in 'Olelo Hawai'i and the importance of understanding our culture and our kuleana to respect and perpetuate it.  

Now that you can write, it's time to compose, record and produce! Multi Na Hoku Hanohano award winning engineers and songwriters will dive deeper into melodic composition and teach the fundamentals of audio production and the basics of running a sound system. 

Day 4:

Day 5:
Content Development, Mentorship & Q+A with Industry Professionals

And you're off! Our final day will re-visit branding and content creation, and touch on creating an Electronic Press Kit (EPK), an integral tool to help artists and singer/songwriters connect with concert promoters, investors, radio program managers and producers.  We will end with a mentorship segment where participants will have a Question and Answer time with some of Hawai'i's top recording artists and performers.